About The Company

ELEONE is a Motorcycle Boots manufacturing company aiming to work with coherence of renowed globa Brands of the world.The products offered are environmentally friendly,with quailty to its best.

We Try to create value for communities where we operate,dua to presence od sense of resposbilty,for healthy and happy surroundings for better environment in the company. We pride ourselves as captial intensive company while providing on time-Delivery,cost saving,Innovation and high-tech oriented solutions to customers.The results fill the page of this catalogue

  • Sa 8000

    ELEONE is SA 8000 certified organization as its engaged towardsthe Social Responsibility,the employees and the custmores.

  • ISO 9001

    ELEONE is ISO 9001-certified.We are continuously working to creat quailty is our products,our manufacuring and our business.

  • ISO 14001

    We are ISO 14001-certified,which means that we are constantly Working to be As considerate to the Enviroments as possible.

  • Development

    We listen closely to the markets demands for function and quailty. We have experince in various industries which help us adapt and improve our products.Our aim is for at least ten percent of our sales to come from products that have been developed over the previous 12 monts

  • Materials

    DIffrent professions have diffrent requirements for the materials in their products.We work with material producers worldwide to create materials that meet these tough demands

  • Our Own Design

    Functional,comortablee products with an attractive desing.Thats the result of long tradition,expertise and collabrotion with users We develop specially desinged collections for companies that want to show off their own profile.

  • Services

    ELEONE provide OEM/ODM & Private labeling servise for our Motorcycle boots & gloves...

  • Thugh Testing

    Destroying products is a great way to develop it. Our lab tests wear and tear,rip and pull resistance.We regularly check our materials at independet test institutes to make our products best.

  • Durability

    Diffrent products pften look quite similar.But if you look very Closely,you can see big differences.Not just is the seams.To make our products last longer,we buy fabrics,threads and zips from the worlds foremost suppliers.

  • Your Opinion

    We listen closely to our customers,the people who work hard in. Feel free to tell us what you thins of our products and what we can do improve them..

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